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Sign Post Savers offers the first re-usable breakaway device made for round and square applications that virtualy eliminates damage to signs, signposts and vehicles. The SPS cost under $10 to replace and takes less than 2 min to repair.


Our patented system offers the best signpost breakaway solutions while providing excellent customer service. 


SPS now offers a life time warranty on their re-usable

sign post break-aways.

Sign Post Savers is a re-usable breakaway device made for round and square sign posts. Not only can you use your existing posts to install our unit but it also only costs $10 to replace. Our units are made out of high quality steel and are made to LAST FOR LIFE. The SPS only takes a few minutes to be replaced by just installing a new support pin.   


Sign Post Savers mounts on the bottom of traffic signs and virtually eliminates destruction to signs, cars, and property. With Sign Post Savers, when a sign is run over, a support pin at the base breaks away, allowing you to simply pick up the sign and put it back into place with a new pin at a cost of less than $10, instead of the usual $100-$500. Which means that fixing run-over and problem signs can now take minutes, instead of hours or days.

And we have done extensive impact testing to ensure that Sign Post Savers can be run over from any direction and withstand in extremely high winds. ​US Patent 8,523,135 

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Breakaway for Square Traffic Post

Breakaway for Round Traffic Post

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